Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's not the beach, it's called the shore

I have always been an advocate for choosing the right word. I think words are incredibly powerful. Some words, honestly, just drive me out of my mind and my kids can probably rattle them off to you with hair trigger accuracy.
"always", "never", "forever"
These are lackadaisical words. They pretend to mean something, but they are just wimpy in my mind. These are the words that will have me channeling Jo March, jumping up on the nearest chair and exclaiming, “I like good strong words that mean something…” 

Which brings me back to New Jersey. There are very specific stipulations when choosing your words in the Garden State. They take their words as seriously as I do. Do not make the mistake of taking this lightly. It is not a sub sandwich, it is a hoagie. It is not a restaurant, it is a diner. And, most importantly, it is not the beach, it is the shore.

Here is a super crazy thing. I now live about an hour away from the Atlantic Ocean. As in, I can go visit miles and miles of water whenever I want. Warm sand, cool breezes, and an ocean the temperature of a small toddler's tubby time. I have driven farther than that to buy an area rug at IKEA.

So, yesterday, we decided to go check it out. Everyone piled in the car and off we went. Once we got there, I noticed right away how many people were packed onto the beach. There was not a single inch of sand that did not have a family camped under an umbrella. Bocce, sand castle making, burying your uncle in the sand. You name it, they were doing it. It was like flipping through a Family Fun Magazine- Beach Edition.

But, because I am an avid people watcher, this is the thing that kept grabbing my attention. This pizza guy at Manco & Manco Pizza. The one who is throwing that huge disc of pizza dough in the air.This is where it gets interesting, folks. Watch.

Do you see it? Did you catch it?

Here it is one more time. Look closely.

Did you spot it? His eyes were closed the WHOLE time! Every time he threw that bad boy up in the air, he would close his eyes. Each and every single time. It was as if he was disregarding the whole world to get that mass of carbohydrates just right. I have no idea why, but this seriously impressed me. And when I use that word, I really mean it.

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