Friday, July 17, 2015

No one needs 40 wrenches

When Graham and I were a young married couple a little over 10 years ago, *ahem*,
 one of our favorite things to do was hit garage sales.
 Part of the thrill was we owned nothing. 
This made every chair, Pyrex dish, or box of Christmas 
garland a treasure waiting to be bought and loaded into our Honda. 
It was the classic quest of all newlyweds.
Feathering our new nest together.

The best purchase we ever made was one I tried to talk Graham out of for over half an hour.
 I am insightful like that.
A gentleman was moving into a retirement community and wanted to sell all his tools- lock, stock, and barrel.
 Now, when I say ALL his tools, I mean ALL his tools. 
Tool boxes and tool benches loaded with wrenches, 
screwdrivers, nuts, bolts, chisels, awls,
 Allan wrenches, hammers, 
drills, levels - the list went on and on.

He and Graham had hit it off going through his stockpile of goods.
 They were comrades in arms.
 They were both gazing at his collection like it was their first girlfriend from high school.
The man wanted $325 for everything.
I could tell by the look in Graham's eyes he thought this was a steal.

All I could think of was: 
1) We don't have $325 to spare.
2) No one needs 40 wrenches.
3) We don't have $325 to spare.

But here's the thing.
Graham knew something I didn't.
He knew this man was actually gifting us with his 
most precious possessions so we could begin our new life together.
It was the chance to pass on his legacy to a young couple just starting out.
To give us what we needed, exactly when we needed it.

So, they shook hands on the deal and every little tool was careful loaded into our Pathfinder.
They are, to this day, always carefully and systematically arranged in drawers, on peg boards, and on work benches.

We have always had exactly the right tool to do the right job.
I have never had to make a run to Home Depot in the middle of a project to find the right size drill bit.
I have worked on each house we have lived in, alongside Graham and our kiddos.
Some have been easy fixes and some have been a struggle.
I have come to the conclusion that, contrary to popular belief, everyone needs 40 wrenches.
No worries if you only have 6- you can come over and borrow one of mine.

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