Monday, July 13, 2015

So, sweetie, what do you think about moving to New Jersey??

 There are times in your life when change comes out of nowhere like a sudden gust of wind.
I am always in awe of my girlfriends who embrace change like an old friend. 
They make new plans without batting an eyelash or even smudging their lipstick.
To me, change has always been like having to go to the dentist.
 I know it is good for me.
 I know I will be the better for it.
I still try to come up with every rational reason to avoid it.

Let me give you a glimpse into my love of  "same-o same-o".
I wake up at the same time, eat the same breakfast,
 read the Wall Street Journal 
in the same kitchen table chair while drinking the same cup of coffee - Every. Single. Morning.
I'm not even going to pretend this is normal.
But it is true :-)
Thank you for embracing my crazy and loving me anyway.

But here is the the thing about being married to my guy.

Some husbands are good men.
Some husbands are great men.
And then- there is this man.

This is the man who worked 4 jobs because he wanted his kiddos to have a stay-at-home mom.
This is the man who teaches his boys how to haul mulch in the Texas heat.
This is the man who doesn't bat an eyelash when you have to talk to your sister on the phone at 2 am.
This is the man who treats your parents like they were his own.

So, when he gets his dream job in New Jersey??
When it means moving somewhere you know nothing about??
It's not something you even think twice about.
We are moving to Jersey, Baby!!!

Which leads me to this blog.
This is going to be a crazy/unexpected/wonderful/maddening ride.
I am sure there will be moments when I should be more circumspect, and I want to apologize in advance.
Boundaries have never been my strong suit (just ask the greeter at Wal-Mart).
However, I give you my word -I will always be honest, but kind.
It is a quality I learned at my Nanny's knee.

Nanny was my father's mother.
She was born and raised in a small Texas farming town,
 but she carried herself like Grace Kelly at the Academy Awards.
She was a woman of grace and civility and I hope to emulate her gentility.
So hold on to your hats, grab a hoagie, and let's get going!

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