Monday, July 27, 2015

The Love Child of Costco and Sam's

There are some responsibilities in life that start out as simple tasks on your list. They are not complicated, but they are necessary. At a certain point, they take on a life of their own. If you are lucky, these moments evolve into traditions.

One of my favorite traditions, when I lived in Austin, was food shopping with my dad. But it wasn't just any kind of food shopping. It was Wholesale Club Food Shopping.
(See what I did there? Emphasis, baby!)

My Pops and I had a very specific pattern we followed almost every week. Dad would go to Daily Mass, then swing by my house at around 9:45am. We would jump in the car and head to Sam's first. We loaded up on anything that was dry goods. It was cereal/granola bar/tortilla chip heaven. After this, we had a standing date at Five Guys for lunch. This is where we always managed to solve most of the world's problems over french fries and double cheeseburgers. And Coke Zero- always, always Coke Zero.
Because we are all about nutrition and philanthropy.

Last but not least, we stocked up on produce and meat at Costco. It was also the place I invariably bought the "Ooooh! I need that!" I know you know what I'm talking about here.
248 AAA batteries?  "Ooooh! I need that!"
98 yards of Christmas ribbon? "Ooooh! I need that!"
At the end of our excursion, my van always looked like the Joad family's Hudson in The Grapes of Wrath-  my minivan teeter tottering down the Southwest Parkway on our way back to Lakeway. I loved every minute of it.

However, a new address = a need for a new tradition.

BJ's Wholesale Club to the rescue. Yes, it is unfortunately really named BJ's. It is the closest wholesale food store to my house. We eat a ton of food, so I loaded G 2.0 in the car and hit the road.  BJ's can best be described as the love child of Sam's and Costco.

It has a first class deli (of course- we are in Jersey!) with dozens and dozens of different kinds of cheese. As in imported cheese, artisan cheese, stinky cheese, triple cream cheese. You name it, they got it. They had 2 refrigerated cases of cheese for every one case of deli meat. Cheese almost as far as the eye could see. This spoke to me on a very deep, personal level.

You had me at brie.

It had almost everything my clan needs to survive. And a lot of  things we don't - contrary to 9 year old opinion.

But here's the thing, y'all. Names are important.
They carry a lot of weight and can influence a child's future. Just ask Kim and Kanye. So, Costco and Sam's- I am talking to you and you need to pay close attention. If you have any more children, let's be a bit more careful when looking through the baby name book, shall we?

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