Friday, October 2, 2015

October's Goals

It's hard to believe that October is already here! The weather is definitely cooling off and some of the leaves have already begun to drop on my driveway. I think we have a few more weeks before it feels like Autumn is officially here, but the change of season is undeniably in the air. I've begun spotting posted signs along the sides of the road announcing all kinds of fall activities. Things like places to go apple picking and upcoming fall festivals and where to buy your pumpkins. It's hard not to get super excited as most of my experience with fall festivals has been in 80 degree weather and my apple picking memories are limited to the produce section of HEB. I can't wait to check it all out! 

But wait I must, because I have to address first things first. Moving into a new month means setting a new set of goals. Before I lay out my grand intentions for October, let's see how I did with my goals from September.

Goal #1- I am happy to announce that you are now looking at an official Hall Monitor for the St. Mary of the Lakes Catholic Church Religious Education Program. Classes start back up this week and I'm eager to begin helping out. I'm also looking forward to meeting my other hall monitor compadres. Should be good times.

Goal #2- I wish I could say I made more headway in decorating our bedroom, but that's just not the case. After thinking about it, I've decided not to paint our room. The yellow color already on the walls keeps the room from feeling too dark and I like that. I did put up a few pictures, but there's still a lot of blank wall space in there. I have a few ideas bouncing around in my noggin that I think will work, so I'm feeling pretty certain I can meet this goal by the end of next week. I'll keep you posted.

Goal #3- Success with this one! I was able to get the care packages out to both my kiddos in a timely fashion. If you missed it, here is how I did it.

Goal #4-  As I posted on Wednesday, I was able to successfully check this one off my list with the help of my favorite red headed kiddo. 

Goal #5- Check! Since both of my older boys were born within 3 or 4 days of Thanksgiving, I always like to buy their birthday presents as early as possible. November can be crazy for our family, so this helps keep the stress level to a minimum. I am happy to report I only have two more presents to get and then I am all done with shopping for them.

Which brings me to this month's new goals:

Goal #1- I have a TON of fall decorations down in the basement just waiting to gussy up my house. I'm going to hit this goal early.

Goal #2- All those road side signs can't be wrong. I'll try to limit myself to a few bushels, but I'm not making any promises.

Goal #3- Since Graham's birthday is in October, I'm rolling him into the "boy shopping" category. Hopefully, this will be an easy goal to check off the list.

Goal #4- This has been on my to-do list for months. Nothing says Lazy Sunday more to me than doing a crossword puzzle on the couch while watching football. I'm definitely going to enjoy meeting this goal.

Goal #5- Boring, but needed! I've been meaning to get this done since our move from Texas, but for some reason, it keeps getting pushed back to the end of the line. We need to be in fighting condition before Thanksgiving rolls around :-)

Dear October

So, how did y'all do on your September goals? Don't worry, it's not a test. You know I think you're amazing no matter what. Just drop me a note in the comment section and let me know how you did and if you have any new goals for October. Even little changes add up over time and make wonderful things happen. You can SO do this! Get on out there and make your October awesome!

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