Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Goals

October, and all the empty candy wrappers that go along with it, has finally packed up and left the building. It was a good run, with all the changing leaves and cool nights, but now it's time for my favorite month of the entire year - November. 
 November is the month that brings you family, food, and football, without asking for anything in return. It's not about shopping in the mall or standing in line at the post office. There's nothing you really have to do until the last Thursday of the month.  And even then, your biggest worry will be deciding which pair of yoga pants will comfortably allow you to eat the most pie.  That's what I'm talking about, people. If it involves sweatpants and pie, you can count me in as a solid yes. 

But before I embrace all things sloth, I should probably take a peek at how well I did at meeting my goals from last month. They seemed pretty attainable when I wrote them down, but you never know.
Goal #1- Decorating for fall. This was probably the easiest of all my goals to accomplish. As a matter of a fact, I think I was able to check this baby off my list on the first day of October. It took me a while to figure out where everything should go in my new home, but in the end, it turned out super. Lucky for me, Pope Francis happened to be in town on business that weekend and was able to lend me a helping hand.
Goal #2-  Apple Picking. Note to self- when setting goals about apple picking, it's probably a good idea to know the  actual growing season for said fruit. Turns out, despite my best intentions, I was a bit late to the party.  On the day we headed out to Russo's Farm, there were no apples left to pick- only pumpkins. No worries. I did a little last minute executive decision making and changed my goal from apple picking to pumpkin picking instead. You're allowed to do that when you're the queen. Bonus- my mom happened to be in town and was a pro at helping us find the perfect pumpkins to bring home.

Goal #3- Boy Birthday Shopping.  Success!!! I was able to get all 3 of the boys' birthday shopping done in record time. I'm feeling pretty confident they'll be surprised and a bit impressed with what I found. Just sayin'.
Goal #4- Complete the NYT Crossword Puzzle. Okay, this one kinda bummed me out. Apparently, if you don't work a crossword puzzle for years at a time, you're gonna lose your  word mojo. I couldn't believe it. There I was, curled up on the couch, with my puzzle and pencil in hand. Ready to dive right in and then.....nothing. The clues might as well have been written in Russian. After 25 minutes and only 10 answers written down, I had to admit defeat. My lack of practice had led to a significant lack of skill.  I'm not going to give up trying, though. Sooner or later I'll be back in shape- even if I have to tap into Google to do it.

Goal #5- Find a dentist for everybody. Done and done. The appointments have been made and the new patient paperwork is completed. Glad to have this off my list.
As for the Turkey Month, here's what I have in mind. 

Goal #1- Finish all holiday shopping. I started doing this when the kids were little because my oldest boys have birthdays 2 days apart around Thanksgiving Day. It cuts down on last minute Christmas craziness and allows me to mail off any presents long before the Post Office crush. This will be my primary goal of the month.

Goal #2-  Go to Reading Terminal Market. I have heard great things about this place in Philly and have been meaning to get out there for weeks to check it out. Will definitely keep you posted.

Goal #3-  Design and buy Christmas cards. With the big kids away at school, this goal may be a challenge. I want a card that has all my family in the picture, so I'm going to have to be creative and think outside the box. My plan is to have these all done and addressed before Turkey Day, so they're ready to send out in early December.

Goal #4- Get a bookcase for G 2.0. We have boxes and boxes of Little Graham's books down in the basement that need a home in his room. Right now we just have them stacked against the wall upstairs, but they need a real home. Reagan and Big Graham have been talking about building him a book shelf instead of me buying one, which would be awesome.  Again, I'll keep you posted.
Welcome, November:
There you have it. Although there are only four things on my list this month, they're pretty big tasks. We'll see how it pans out, but I'm feeling pretty confident I can get it all done.  Even if I don't manage to pull it off, I know November is still going to be fabulous. With pumpkin pie on the horizon, how can it not??

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