Thursday, December 17, 2015

What's Going On

The other day, Marvin Gaye and I met on Pandora for a few cups of coffee. We've been close friends for many years and we try to get together as often as possible. I was grabbing a second cup of joe when, in his effortlessly cool way, he said- "Tell me, what's going on?" He's always been thoughtful like that. Here's what's going on.
 What I'm in awe of:
 Look at this incredible house down the road from us. I am not exaggerating when I say there's not a single inch of this home not covered in Christmas lights.  My crew lovingly refers to this masterpiece as the Griswald House. 

Where we're going:

A couple of weekends ago, we were able to catch the Medford Dickens Festival with our friends Shelley and Matt (along with their darling daughters). The town closed off Main Street, Santa made a quick appearance, and the streets were packed by the end of the night. Not gonna lie, it was pretty cold out there, but lucky for my guys, the cheesesteak sandwiches were screaming hot.
What I'm listening to 24/7 in my car:
It's about to drive my boys out of their minds, but Mr. Guaraldi and his trio are the only thing I'm gonna play until Dec. 26th. I love it, love it so that's just the way it's gonna be- 'cause I'm the mama and I said so.
What's the best new addition to my Christmas decoration stash:
These little strands are called fairy lights and they're the bomb dot com. Battery powered, tiny bursts of LED light goodness. What can I say? They're just super cute and they make me very happy.
My most recent "Aha" kinda moment:
After spending the whole day decorating the house for Christmas, I plopped down in this chair to admire our tree. I must have sat there for more than 15 minutes, just taking it all in.  Here's what was surprising. Despite it being 6pm and still wearing my PJs, despite having nothing planned for dinner, and a sink full of dirty dishes, I felt no need to get up and do anything.  Can I hear an Aha! out there? This is what I learned in that moment. The world would not stop revolving if I took a few minutes to sit back and revel in the simple pleasures of my life. The dishes could wait. During the Christmas season, peaceful moments like this are fleeting. And the truth is, it's a gift only I can give myself.
What the red headed kid is currently obsessed with:
It is all trick shot, all the time in our house right now. The inconvenience of not owning a pool table hasn't seemed to slow him down one bit. Every room in my house has it's own scattering of PVC pipes, golf balls and Pringles cans. What he lacks in equipment, the boy more than makes up for in enthusiasm.
What Graham 1.0's new job looks like:
Trying to describe how busy Graham is at work right now is a lot like trying to explain labor pains to a pregnant woman. I could probably give you some idea of what it's like, but the words won't do it justice. The great news is, he's loving it- even if he does have to catch up on his sleep during Gotham.
What I'm watching every night while making dinner:
I have my TV permanently turned to ABC Family. It's where you can find all the good shows and movies, all month long. Because it's just not Christmas without the Winter Warlock and we all know it.
What I can't wait for:
This. All my children home with me. I know it sounds cliche, but it's totally true- my kids are the most precious gift I've ever been given. I can't tell you how excited I am to have them all to myself, everyone under the same roof. Marvin and I have been talking about it and we've decided, when it comes to family, I have the best thing going on. 

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