Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Why Target Is Better Than The North Pole

Unless you consider Amazon.com a store, I'm not the kind of girl who likes to go shopping. When it comes to retail therapy, I'm best described as a girl who likes to go "buying". I want to get in, grab what I need, and be out of there as soon as possible. I have friends who truly enjoy strolling through the mall, window shopping for hours without ever purchasing a thing. But for me, that type of operation is lost time that I could've been using to nap. Which explains why Target is a store so near and dear to my heart. It's the one stop shop. I can find almost everything I need there around Christmas, without ever having to sacrifice a moment of my siesta.  Let me show you what I mean.
Although candles and lotion aren't bad teacher gifts, the truth is, they're kinda predictable. Well, actually, they're very predictable. Don't shoot the messenger here, ladies- I'm speaking the truth with love. How about getting something that's totally different, stinking cute and yet still inexpensive?? Like these plaid salt and pepper shakers. At $7.99, it could be the best money you'll spend on your kid's education this year.
 Target also has the best home decor section. Their seasonal items are always trendy, cute and cheap. And, unlike at Crate and Barrel, there's no stigma if you go shopping in your yoga pants. Here's what I'm talking about- this felt scottie pillow is only $19.99. That's a great price and he'll be handsome sitting on your couch even after the new year rolls around.
 And then there's this guy. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I've been eyeing something very similar to this bear head at HomeGoods for over 3 months now. It's about this size, but it's a bull's head- very manly, very Texas. I've somehow managed to resist the temptation to buy that bull's head, but I barely made it out of Target without this bear. Thank goodness he was almost $50, because otherwise, he'd be living on a wall in my house as we speak.
 These doormats. Look at them! Love them. Totally love them.
But my favorite item in this section of the store is the flannel sheets. Bed sheets can be tricky- not all flannel sheets are created equally. But these sheets? They. Are. The. Best. Soft, thick but not heavy, and toasty warm.  Don't spend your hard earned money on those Pottery Barn versions- these are made better and cost way less.  They're the only brand you'll ever need to buy again.
As I've confessed before, I'm all about the cooking and baking at Christmastime. Thank you, thank you Target for having  everything I might need to get that job done. I'm not saying they're the cheapest place to pick up sprinkles and the like, but they always stock up on stuff that makes me go "Ooohhh! That is darling! You are so going in my cart!" 
Next to the sprinkles, there was this. No, your eyes aren't fooling you. It's 2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - weighing in at a full half pound- EACH. I'm not quite sure why I'm even showing you this picture, other than to say the moment felt totally surreal -a lot like stumbling across Big Foot. And that's the kind of thing you just can't keep to yourself.
Each year, my sister buys her crew new pajamas for Christmas morning. Target obviously got the memo because they had stacks and stacks of pjs to choose from. My personal favorite was an elf themed version that came in sizes for the whole family- even the dad. Who could ever resist buying something like that? That's the kinda stuff, when you see it, you know you gotta buy it. 
 A lot like this gem. Graham 1.0 can be hard to shop for, but lucky for me, Target had my back. I mean, look at this bad boy. What man wouldn't be proud to own and wear this sweater??? It's like it was hand chosen for him. I wasn't kidding when I told you Target was the one stop shop- they even carried it in a Tall.

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