Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ready. Set. Snow!

The last time my kids saw a blizzard, the year was 2006 and we were living in Parker, Colorado. That was the year Colleen started middle school and Reagan was the undisputed Guitar Hero champion.  Ian had just turned 10 and the Red Headed Kid's claim to fame was his uncanny ability to destroy every baby gate in our house.
Fast forward almost a decade to last weekend. This time around, it was G 2.0 who was 10 instead of Ian and the blizzard was in Jersey, not Colorado. But other than that? It was like deja vu. Those two McFarland boys could have passed for twins- braces and all.
The snow was just as white and the setting was just as serene.  It was absolutely gorgeous out there - a winter wonderland.
A wonderland that happened to include 15 inches of snow. But not that light, fluffy kinda stuff you get in Colorado. This snow was beautiful to look at, but a monster to shovel. It was a lot like shoveling wet sand. It was slow, heavy work- until......
this darling of a man came to our rescue. See him, working hard, behind the trees over there? That's our neighbor John and if I have another son, I'm gonna name that kid after this man. Why, you ask? Because of this.
John happened to have an extra snow blower in his garage and came over to ask if we'd like to use it. It took everything I had to keep from hugging his neck right there and then. Fortunately for him, I was able to control myself. I thanked him instead with a batch of fudge.
With the snow shoveling crisis averted, it was time to get back to business. There were forts to be made and snowballs to be stockpiled for when your big brother finally decided to venture outside.
 The final measure of snow in our yard was a whopping 15 inches. We had drifts much higher than that, but I resisted the temptation to use those mounds of snow as my final measure. I'm nothing if not a purist when it comes to reporting the weather. Besides, over a foot of snow is more than enough to make any kid happy.
 I mean, look at that face.
Look at that form.
And look at that landing. A perfect 10- even from the grumpy Russian judge. That kind of agility and athleticism doesn't happen by chance. It takes years of practice and the benefit of good genes.
Genes he obviously got from his big brother.

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