Thursday, February 11, 2016

Getting Rid Of Some Dead Wood

When we bought this house back in June, one of the things we loved most about it were all the trees in the yard. These weren't your mangy scrub oaks you find in Texas. These were honest to goodness, reach to the sky kind of trees with leaves the size of a grown man's hand. We also knew we had a rebel in the bunch who might end up giving us some trouble.  It was this guy.
He's the tree smack dab in the middle of this shot. Rumor had it he'd been dead for over 3 years- the victim of a gypsy moth invasion. And after keeping a close eye on him for months, we began to notice the trunk on the right was beginning to bow and was covered with tree fungus. Not something to ignore when you're dealing with an iron oak.  It was finally time to cough up the cash and bring in the professionals.
Iron oak apparently gets its name from the fact that it Weighs. A. Ton. and having it so close to the house meant we needed to bring in the big guns. We needed serious equipment to keep everything seriously safe. That's Scott guiding the crane down my driveway via remote control. He made it look as easy as driving a toy car he got for Christmas. Totally impressive.
I did my best to stay out of their way, but being on the sidelines isn't exactly my strong suit. The young guy in the dark coat is Gage. He just kept looking up and going, "Hmmm....yep, well....hmmmm". I couldn't tell if that was a good thing or a not so good thing.
 But either way, it was obvious he was ready to get down to business.
As I watched Gage work his way up to the top of the tree, I couldn't help but have an "aha" moment. This tree was not a problem of my own making.  It was a problem I had inherited.  I had chosen to ignore it for a few months, hoping things wouldn't get any worse. And yet, that is exactly what did happen- things got worse.
I knew taking care of this dead tree would be expensive, nerve wracking and inconvenient. But I also realized it was time to quit hoping it would just take care of itself. It was time to get rid of the dead wood in my yard. 
We all have our own particular version of dead wood in our lives- past hurts, insecurities, unmet dreams. Mine is totally different than yours- no two are alike.  Yet, we all carry these, like knots in our hearts, heavy like iron oak.
But we don't have to. There comes a time when we should get rid of it- even if it's just a little piece at a time.
With each piece of dead wood we remove, the landscape becomes clearer. We begin to see spots of light where there used to be none.
And a new kind of order where there used to be a mess. Things begin to fit. I know it sounds cliche, but it's true. Today is a new day. We can let go of those things we've been carrying for far too long. Just take a deep breath and chuck that piece of dead wood right out of your life. Even if it's just a small branch. You're absolutely worth it.

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