Tuesday, February 9, 2016

That's A Steal, Lucille

My sisters and I have an annoying habit. Okay, that's not the truth. My sisters and I have a habit that other people tend to find annoying. It's something we've been doing since forever and I don't see it changing anytime soon. This is what we do- whenever we talk to each other, we always seem to find a way to include the purchase price of things into our conversations. Seems harmless enough, right? But let me show you how it usually goes down:

Ginger: That shirt is so cute on you, Cindy.
Me: I know, right?? I got it for $15 at Target the other day!
Me: That nude lipstick you're wearing is flat out perfect. 
Christi: Guess where I finally found it? At Nordies, for only $12. 
The way to earn bonus points in this game I play with my sisters is to find a serious bargain on something that should be expensive. It's easy to find "meh" stuff for a cheap price, but finding something fabulous for a song? That's what I'm talking about. Because you and I are as close as sisters, I'm gonna let you in on the game. I'm going to show you the crazy good deals I found this week. First stop? My local Thrift Shop. I went in on Wednesday, a.k.a. "Seniors Day". It's when everything in the store is 50% off if you're shopping with a senior citizen. Lucky for me, I happened to meet a sweet older woman named Theresa that day. She took me under her wing and told me we should shop together because "Honey, don't you know? In New Jersey, nobody pays full price for anything". 
One of the first things I found were these fabulous champagne glasses. There were 6 of them, each as big as my palm and each in perfect shape. With Theresa vetting for me, the final cost was exactly 95 cents each. 
Next, I found this Michael Kors wristlet tucked in a mountain of random wallets and purses. It was in mint condition and looked like it had never even been used. I checked on the Nordstrom's website and they're currently selling this exact wristlet (in white) for a whopping $49.99.  Senior's Day price for Cindy?  $9.97.
Sitting next to the champagne glasses was this little mint colored pedestal. I knew it would look darling on my desk, so I snatched it right up. I checked online and apparently, it's actually a cupcake stand and it normally sells for $17.99. My cost? Drum roll, please. $1.45.

These little silver trays were my last purchase with Theresa and they were a complete impulse buy. There were six of them, they were silver, and I had no idea what to use them for. However, they were also precious and I loved them and they were only 95 cents for the whole set. Which is exactly why these babies came home with me.
On the way home, I swung by Target...because...well...it's Target. No one really needs a reason to go to Target, we just go. I found this mouse pad/notepad for only a buck in The One Spot by the front door. It knew it would make the perfect accessory to my little pedestal, so I grabbed it.
I also found some cute cookie cutters and promptly tossed them into my cart. Hello, my name is Cindy and I'm addicted to anything "sugar cookie". I mean, what could I do? It was only a dollar. One little dollar for three heart shaped cookie cutters. I'm trying, but I can only be so strong, people. Try not to judge me. 
And finally, this. Not the Red Headed Kid with braces, but the white turtle neck he's wearing. I found this on the clearance rack for only $2.95. Normally, as a boy mom, I steer clear of white clothing like the plague. But this was my thinking. If I can get one school day without a stain and a winter's worth of playing in the snow, this turtleneck will more than pay for itself without breaking the bank. Which is a lot more than I can say about those braces he's wearing.

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