Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Family Has Got To Eat!

It's been my job to feed the McFarland Crew for over a quarter of a century now. And I can honestly say that finding meals they'll eat during Lent has been one of my biggest challenges. Maybe I should rephrase that- finding meals they'll eat without grumbling has been one of my biggest challenges. More than once, I've tried to serve the old standbys of my youth, only to be met with failure. It's just frustrating and mind boggling. I mean really, how can someone not like creamed tuna on toast? I loved that stuff. 
Lent; @Melanie Draper totally made me think of @Annika Pitcher:
About a year ago, while cruising through Pinterest, I stumbled across a recipe for corn salsa and had a moment of divine intervention. I knew it would go great with fish tacos, but I was looking for a meal that would go together faster. That's how I came up with this brain child- Shrimp Tacos with Corn Salsa.

Here's our cast of characters. Yes, that is cilantro on the right and all I can say to that is BLECH. That's how much I love you people, I bought cilantro. I didn't come anywhere near eating it, but I did actually use my own money to buy it for you. Full disclosure- the minute I was done taking these pictures, I threw that whole bunch of green in the trash. As for which shrimp to use, I like using the popcorn shrimp because it bakes up crunchy, but you could use whatever shrimp you like best. Just cook it up as you normally would and it'll work great in these tacos. Let's make some salsa.
This stuff is so easy to make it's kinda embarrassing, but trust me, it tastes better than anything you can buy. Start off with some frozen corn. You can run it under some water to thaw it or you can do what I did- toss the bag on the counter first thing in the morning and let it defrost all day.
Next, you'll need to chop up some fresh jalapenos. Don't be scared, this is one of the reasons this stuff is so good. Everything in it is fresh and that makes all the difference. Take your time and remove all the seeds and membranes. 
Once that's done, you'll want to cut it into small dice. I used about one and a half jalapenos because my kiddos like things mild to medium, but you can use more or less to get it to the heat level you like. Just be careful to wash your hands when your done.
Scrape everything into your bowl.
Dice up your red onion into small dice and toss that in as well.
Squeeze in the juice of 2 limes and add some salt and pepper to taste. Mix that baby up.
While your shrimp is cooking away in the oven, heat up 2 soft white corn tortillas on the stove top. You're only trying to warm them up here, not to cook them or add any color. It should take about 25 seconds per side.
You're gonna use 2 corn tortillas for each taco- just stack them up. Then top your tortillas with some of that chrunchy shrimp goodness. Put a couple of heaping spoonfuls of corn salsa on each taco and you're all done.
And there you have it. I even put some torn cilantro on there just for you, but it almost killed me. At this point, you can keep on going from here- adding things you love. Guacamole, queso fresco, some slivered cabbage would all be good choices. I like to eat mine just like this, with a little squeeze of lime. Not only do these tacos taste great, my whole family loves them. Not a single grumble to be heard at the table. And that, my friends, is what you call a Lenten miracle.

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